The Community Farm at Sandy Spring Friends School

Last updated on December 7, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

Those of you that have been reading my blog since its inception in 2010 may remember the guest post series I ran with Josie and Shawn from Truffula Seed Produce. But, if you don’t remember their story (or if you hadn’t stumbled upon me yet), then start here. And then go here.
Today Josie and Shawn officially announced the publication of both their page on the SSFS website and  The Community Farm at Sandy Spring Friends School blog, a place where you can watch their week-to-week progress of starting a small farm on the grounds of Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring, MD. This farm will be special because it’s designed to sustain the needs of the students and faculty for three full meals a day (SSFS has boarding students on campus). Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution would be very, very proud.
I find it both fascinating and humbling to know just how much work, planning and labor goes into operating a farm – both large and small. To see it start from the ground up, through the eyes of a new, young generation of farmers is pretty darn cool.
Up at the top of my blog I’ve placed a link directly to The Community Farm blog, and my hope is that you’ll keep up with Josie and Shawn’s antics – I know I will. And not just because Josie’s my sister.

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