The Supplementary Downside To Arm Surgery & Recipe Request

Last updated on October 12, 2013 by Liza Hawkins

The other day my husband had forearm reconstructive surgery. Yuck, I know.

Not that any one surgery is better than another. Or easier. Or more practical. But this particular surgery means that he’s without the use of his right hand for at least six weeks.




The good news is hubs is a lefty, so the fact that the right hand is out of commission is mostly no big deal.

Bad news? I now have three people for whom I need to cut up food at mealtime.

Last night I made a shrimp, chicken, sausage gumbo – it simmered away in the slow cooker all day, and smelled fabulous. And it can be eaten with one hand. When it was time to dig in, I mentioned that I would be trying to come up with meals that he can manage by himself.

My husband’s thoughtful and endearing reply?

You don’t want to cut up my food every night along with the kids’?

Um. No. (And I think he was 65% serious, by the way.) But, later in the day he posted this on his Facebook wall:

I don’t what I would do right now without my beautiful wife. In addition to being an amazing wife and the worlds greatest mother; she is one hell of a nurse!

So what if this proclamation was penned after two heavy duty pain pills. Very sweet but I’m still not cutting up his meat every night.

So, through the end of the year my mission will be to come up with dinners that can be managed by the man with one arm (temporarily).

Feel free to share your favorite non-knife-needing recipes with me below or on the Facebook page!

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