Top Five Plants That Don’t Require A Green Thumb

Last updated on May 23, 2011 by Liza Hawkins

As May comes to a close, farmers’ markets and CSAs start gearing up for their high season. June through November yields bountiful crops of fresh produce for farmers and home-gardeners alike.
Me? I’m still okay with the fact that gardening’s something I just can’t get into. You may remember this post where I disclosed – with photos – my failure to keep up with several simple garden growths.
But just because I can’t find the time to do things like water my garden lovingly tend to a garden, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be within ten feet of can’t have one.

See? Those roses are healthy and vibrant, with no work from me. It can be done!
Because, along with those roses, I have other plants that manage to thrive despite…me.
Top Five Plants That Don’t Require A Green Thumb (in Maryland)
5)  Roses

4)  Peonies

3)  Mums

2)  Lily of the Valley

1)  Day Lilies
A good mixture of the top five plants for non-green-thumbers like me, and you too can have a garden that takes care of itself.

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