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Last updated on May 2, 2011 by Liza Hawkins

I understand now why former food critic, Ruth Reichl, spent multiple visits at a restaurant before writing a review. Admittedly, I’m not nearly as critical as I should be. It’s more difficult than you might think, because in a lot of cases there’s plenty of good stuff to write about a restaurant.
So, this is going to be short and only kind of sweet post about Mimi’s Cafe, because I feel like the mediocre impression I got yesterday is not the norm.
The menu is promising – enough pages for a nice variety to choose from, but not leaving you too overwhelmed by endless options. 
I settled on chicken crepes. Filled with mushrooms, Brie, a cream sauce, and other goodness – paired with a crisp simple side salad and a petite crock of savory French onion soup, it seemed a lovely choice for a budget friendly dinner.
Except the chicken was awful. It was pick-around-the-chicken-and-eat-everything else awful.
The chicken was a little larger than bite-sized chunks, boiled, and casually tossed inside the crepe with the other ingredients. It was a bland afterthought to an otherwise delicious little entrée.
And I’m going to stop here. I feel Mimi’s needs a second try. It has to be better than that boiled chicken, it has to. I’ve heard so many people say such great things!
Until next time, Mimi’s.

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3 Comments on “Out and About: Mimi’s Cafe

  1. Well we used to eat there alot until miss j became gluten Free! They are listed as having a Gluten Free Menu but in reality everything except eggs and Bacon has gluten in it here. So we too only visit for breakfast! Or just a salad with no dressing!

  2. Well, you’d think crepes would fall nicely into ‘breakfast place,’ wouldn’t you? Oh well. Next time I’ll just get pastry. LOL

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