Giada Counting Crows

Food Network Humor: Anne and Giada

Last updated on April 5, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

I’m all for giving credit where credit’s due, and since I’m feeling uninspired this morning for my own all-original blog content, I thought I’d link you up to the latest and greatest from my new favorite site:

Food Network Humor.

Anne Burrell (I just wrote about one of her recipes on Thursday!) — the best Food Network tweep to follow. Who knew? Not me. But, now I’m following her @ChefAnneBurrell.

Because of this.

Well, and also because of the other witty content from this post about her, including the fact that she AND HER MOM both got matching tattoos while vacationing in London.


Anne Burrell

And, did you know Giada was in a Counting Crows video circa 1999? Me either! More goodness gained from Food Network Humor – and their full post here.

Giada Counting Crows

Happy Saturday!

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4 Comments on “Food Network Humor: Anne and Giada

  1. Too funny. Hey Liza. Did you like the book, Will Write for Food. I have it but haven’t cracked it open yet. There are occasions when I’d like to write about food, but I don’t feel qualified. Will this book help?

  2. I LOVE that book, and it’s sitting within easy reach from my couch, dogeared, referenced and read many times. Dianne Jacob is very active on Twitter, and if you don’t already follow her you should! (@DianneJ)

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