TV: The Next Iron Chef (3:1)

Last updated on December 4, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

Season three of The Next Iron Chef began last night on Food Network. I’m a sucker for a good food-related competition on TV, or as my sister recently coined them, “stylized chef challenge cook off reality competition shows.” I like that.

THEN: Chairman

For those of you that have never watched Iron Chef, it actually began in the early ’90s in Japan. I used to watch it late at night on Food Network, overdubbed in English. The Chairman pits a “resident” chef with a guest chef to do battle over a secret ingredient in one hour. Each chef must prepare five courses, and a panel of judges decide “whose cuisine will reign supreme.”

NOW: Alton & Chairman

Fast-forward a decade, and the show has been remade into Iron Chef America. None other than our beloved Alton Brown was made host, and the show has become a real favorite amongst Food Network fans. The same premise exists today, and I believe the Iron Chefs have become even more revered than their ’90s predecessors. Maybe this is because the show is now American, or maybe it’s because cooking shows in general have taken off in recent years.

Regardless of why Iron Chef has gained popularity, the battle for WHO gets to be the next Iron Chef is now a reality show all its own. And it started last night, and I’m committed to watching the entire season – and blogging about it along the way.

Ming Tsai

Part of the fun of watching shows like this, is trying to decide WHO the winner will be at the season’s inception. This season, I feel like they want you to pick Chef Ming Tsai. He’s already famous, having hosted his own cooking show (East Meets West) for over eight years, among other noted awards. I like Tsai, but I don’t want the obvious to win.

Duskie Estes

So far, my favorite is Duskie Estes, who prides herself on cooking local seasonal food. She’s a bit of a rebel, and at times obnoxious bold; however, I like her anyway…so far. The pigtails she wears? Not so much.

We shall see what this season brings!

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  1. We have it DVRed (yes I make up new verbs) but haven’t watched it yet. I’m with you on Min Tsai because of his popularity, but what I like about him is that his son has food allergies so he is very aware of cooking for specialties. It’s so hard to eat out at a restaurant that anyone that caters to us “odd” people is pretty much a god among chefs.

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