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Out and About: Pizza Blitz

Last updated on October 6, 2013 by Liza Hawkins

Some nights even 15 minutes of cooking is 15 minutes too much.


It took me two hours and fifteen minutes to get home from work last night. Normal commute from that part of my territory? One and a half hours, sometimes a little less if the traffic lights cooperate. Thankfully my one year old, who was in the car for 45 minutes of the commute, was an absolute doll.


So, when I got home and realized we were just three quarters of a baby bottle away from an empty gallon of milk, my heart sank. I need milk for my coffee in the morning. NEED milk. And the one year old’s bottle trumps my mug of coffee.


“I don’t mind picking up Pizza Blitz, if you feel like that for dinner. And I’ll also grab a gallon of milk while I’m out,” announced my husband from the living room couch.


Say what?


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make ya happy. Pizza Blitz is one of those things. So is a husband (equally as run down) that will schlep out to the local pizza joint to pick up a large extra cheese and sausage pizza, calamari, and mozzarella caprese (and the gallon of milk so that I can drink a proper cup of coffee in the morning, and our five year old can have her mini-wheats).


It doesn’t hurt that Pizza Blitz has really good food too. Pizza good enough to draw you out on a rainy day for take-out when you could just as easily order delivery.


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Healthy? Not the pizza we ordered. Delicious and mouthwatering? Yes. As Julia Child said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Even greasy, extra cheese pizza with sausage.


Our Pizza Blitz location is at 2060 Yellow Springs Road, Frederick, Maryland (in the Bloom Shopping Center)

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2 Comments on “Out and About: Pizza Blitz

  1. That looks SO good… and I know what you mean. Even with me working at home, things have been so busy to pull dinner out is a real chore. We’ve been eating lots of sammie 🙂

  2. You do what you have to do! I truly enjoy cooking, so when I’m able to pull it off, I try. But it’s hard! Certainly not the same as the June Cleaver era!

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