What do headbands and wedding cake have in common? Two words: KERRY VINCENT.

The Kerry Vincent Headband

Last updated on April 29, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

What do headbands and wedding cake have in common? Two words: KERRY VINCENT.

What do headbands and wedding cake have in common? Two words: KERRY VINCENT.

(Food Network Challenge judge and master sugar artist, in case you didn’t know.)

Kerry Vincent truly deserves a lot of credit in the sugar arts industry and she has received a bunch of well-earned accolades.

Just to name a few, Vincent was inducted into the International Cake Exploration Societé Hall of Fame in 2004, and then the Dessert Professional Hall of Fame in 2010. Vincent is the co-founder of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and founder of the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition.

Whew! Vincent’s cake decorating style, technique, and judging capability are not in question. But her hairstyle is in question.

What’s up with that headband Kerry? I don’t get it. It doesn’t look good, it’s outdated, it doesn’t serve a purpose that I can see. So why? WHY?

Clearly I’m a little salty, as typically I’m a “you do you” person when it comes to fashion. Perhaps I need a slice of cake.

I Googled “Kerry Vincent Headband” when I was looking for information on her and these were the first three results:

Search Results:

1. Open Letter: Dear Food Network Challenge « Food Network Humor

Jun 10, 2009  [Written by Jennifer Schmidt, administrator of the ‘Take off the headband,Kerry Vincent” support group on Facebook. foodnetworkhumor.com/2009/…/dear-food-network-challenge/ 

2. Rules Of The Food Network Cake Challenge « Food Network Humor

Feb 2, 2009  Kerry Vincent definitely wears her headband too tight. That and not having sexual relations with anyone for over 30 years contribute to her … foodnetworkhumor.com/…/rules-of-the-food-network-cake-challenge/ 

3. Take off the headband! The “Kerry Vincent frosts my cookies …

Sign UpTake off the headband! The “Kerry Vincent frosts my cookies” support group. is on FacebookSign up for Facebook to connect with Take off the headband… www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid…

What do headbands and wedding cake have in common? Two words: KERRY VINCENT.

Clearly I’m not the only one who disapproves of the headband. How about you?

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4 Comments on “The Kerry Vincent Headband

    1. It’s a signature look, it keeps a cook’s hair from falling in her eyes or into the frosting, and who knows, maybe it’s concealing some imperfection. Older women can have hair difficulties. Whatever the reason, the hairband gives her a neat, camera-ready look with minimal fuss. Is it any more annoying than Mario Battali’s clogs or Guy Fieri’s signature hairstyle?

      1. Hi Laura! I agree – it’s a total signature look. I was feeling particularly snarky when I wrote the post in 2010. It’s an odd style, but to your point, no more odd than a lot of other styles – including many of my own over the years!

        Thanks for stopping by!

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