Weekends can be busy with parties and celebrations!
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Fall Party Hopping

Last updated on August 2, 2017 by Liza Hawkins

This weekend kicked off what is promising to be a busy fall full of parties, weddings, and celebration. It seems like nothing big has happened in our circle of friends for about a year, and now it appears that things are changing.

Weekends can be busy with parties and celebrations!

Saturday evening we first stopped in at an end-of-summer barbecue hosted by a friend of mine from my book club. It was a classic—charcoal grill, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, lots o’ beer, excited kids, old friends and great conversation. Plus, she had the coolest thing in her back yard, a pear tree … with fruit! I know we have Bradford pear trees in Maryland, but either ours growing up was the only fruitless Bradford pear, OR there are pear trees other than Bradford that grow here. Who knew? Not I. I wish I had my camera because this particular tree was easily 15 feet high and overflowing with pears (I assume they’re edible, but I forgot to ask).

Next stop was an engagement party for a good friend of ours and his fiancée, where we were able to see dozens of friends that we had gone too long without seeing (unless you count Facebook, which I’m not!). The party was at the estate house of a family friend, and the first thing that came to mind as we slowly made our way up the tree-lined, gently lit driveway, was, “Are we entering into a scene from The Great Gatsby?”

The sun had just finished setting when we arrived at the house, so the glow of the lanterns amongst the beautifully manicured English wild flower gardens was ethereal (and the large Tudor style house didn’t hurt the effect either). Around back the party goers gathered in between rows of shoulder-high flower gardens, sculpted trees and shrubs, and around a beautiful glowing pool. To eat, there was everything from blackened barbecue shrimp to a slew of cookies you’d kill for. Peach, white chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, and wedding cookies … yeah, I ate a whole plate-full. And it was worth it. Especially with my glass of Pinot Grigio, one type of a vast selection of wines and beers.

It was a good evening out, which was wonderful since we don’t get out much (especially together) these days. Here’s to a few more enjoyable evenings this fall!

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