• Chocolate mocha pudding topped with raspberries and served in a mason jar.

    Rich Chocolate Mocha Pudding

    This rich chocolate mocha pudding uses coffee to turn an already decadent dessert into something even more special! I love the opportunity to try and take a great recipe, tweak it, and make it even better. Or … at least … just as good. A few years ago, I Pinned a chocolate pudding recipe from smitten kitchen that she adapted from a chef’s blog. I mean, how could you not stare at Deb’s endless photos and not want to make the recipe yourself (or at least wish she was around the corner so you could become friends and enjoy her spoils)? Right. Here’s my take on it. Rich Chocolate Mocha Pudding Chocolate…

  • Vegan chocolate pudding, ready in about 5 minutes!

    Vegan Chocolate Pudding

    This thick and creamy vegan chocolate pudding takes about five minutes to make, and it’s sooooo rich and satisfying! One benefit of being a food blogger is getting to know all the other amazing food bloggers on the planet. One of them, The Wicked Noodle, has a recipe on their site called Homemade Chocolate Pudding that comes together in a matter of minutes. Minutes! They go on to say: I haven’t bought the boxed stuff in years but I do still love good chocolate pudding. These days I’ll make it but use a fancy recipe and call it “Chocolate Pots de Creme” with only very high-quality ingredients. But then there…

  • This banana pudding recipe is very easy, perfect for a large crowd and is even better when made ahead!

    Lazy Cook’s Banana Pudding

    This banana pudding recipe is very easy, perfect for a large crowd and is even better when made ahead! If you’ve never visited Savannah, Ga., you must add it to your bucket list of places to visit before you die. I spent two years there after college, and would happily return in a heartbeat. The food, the rich historical architecture, the warm personalities, the food and the food—can’t beat it all (yes, food three times). One of my favorite food revelations from my time in Savannah is a little thing called banana pudding. Oh yeah? You’ve heard of it? I’m not surprised—it’s not easily forgotten once tried. Hard to believe…