Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo With Mushrooms

Enjoy a vegan fettuccine alfredo, full of savory sautéed mushrooms, that’s just as creamy and comforting as a classic recipe. Pasta is one of my go-to crowd-pleasing meals because it’s just as easy to prepare a meal for an intimate dinner for two as it is to feed a party with ten. I also like that pasta’s versatile. If I have guests who are trying to stay away from gluten, then the grains are swapped for gluten-free alternatives. Those who don’t eat meat? No problem. Plenty of delicious vegetarian pasta options, and if I do have folks with a meat craving, then a simple alternative is to serve seared chicken breast or blackened shrimp on the side. When I’m looking for a dairy-free alternative, but don’t want to serve a marinara or olive oil-based sauce, then I turn to a substitute like almondmilk or cashewmilk. In addition to being great a dairy alternative for my everyday recipes, milk made from nuts also has fewer calories than skim milk (if you’re counting) and no added sugar, most are also free of soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG. And, there are typically no artificial colors, flavors or other funny business. In addition to a new ingredient in your recipes, nut-based products can be a simple way to take the first steps toward a plant-based lifestyle — beyond milk, there’s products like yogurt alternative that makes an easy grab-n-go breakfast and comes in a variety of flavors these days! Small steps can be a very effective and sustainable way to reach a larger plant-based-lifestyle goal. Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo With Mushrooms Back to the pasta. PASTA! The key to making a good alfredo sauce is ensuring there’s enough fat to prepare a proper roux for the base. Without that, your sauce is in danger of either not coming together thick and creamy, or it could “break” after it’s thickened. I find that using olive oil in lieu of butter for vegan recipes is a pretty good alternative. There are vegan butters at the grocery store, as well as other butter alternatives; but, I prefer to use what I have on hand in my pantry already. From start to finish, this vegan fettuccine alfredo recipe takes less than thirty minutes to complete. That means it’s perfect for a quick weeknight meal when schedule’s are busy, or it will let you spend more time with your guests if you’re hosting a dinner party! Now, how about that vegan fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms recipe?