Kraft: Stop Using Yellow Dyes in Our Mac & Cheese!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Why is it that the US seems behind other countries in terms of demanding that food products be safe and healthy?

First the GMO issue. It continues to plague our country.

And now? Something as simple as Kraft Mac & Cheese, the food most of us has had at least once (if not dozens of times as a kid), appears to contain potentially harmful yellow food dyes that our UK counterparts have banned. And it’s not just Kraft Mac & Cheese, there are a slew of other foods that are made differently here versus overseas – as in, those other countries have banned the ingredients that we still allow in our foods here in the US. Crazy.

Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food and Vani at Food Babe have come together to start a petition to have the harmful artificial dyes removed from the American version of Kraft Mac & Cheese.

As of today there are over 129,000 supporters, with just over 20,000 needed to reach their goal.


It seems like a no-brainer to me. Will you sign?

PS: Obviously the easy thing would be to just not eat this mac & cheese, right? We don’t eat it in our house because there are far better mac & cheeses out there – both store bought AND homemade. But there are many, MANY families in this country that can’t afford to, don’t have the resources to, or just simply can’t provide something other than this particular brand. Universally, we shouldn’t have to worry about harmful artificial dyes in our food if we do choose to buy it.


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