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This time every year I start to think about my garden – or lack thereof. You see, while I appreciate fresh, local ingredients, I’m just not that great at growing them myself. The green thumb of the family? Not me.

The green thumbs belong to my parents (they have a small farm, which includes lots of produce and a flock of free-range chickens), and my sister (who started Truffula Seed Produce a few years ago, and then created and now runs The Community Farm at Sandy Spring Friends School).

I’m okay with this.

Except, I do love fresh herbs. And you know what? They’re not that difficult to grow or maintain. You just have to make sure the herbs have enough light, give them water every now and again, and they’ll be happy little plants.

But what if you don’t have a lot of space to garden? We live in a townhouse, so living space is already kind of tight and our backyard is pretty much nonexistent. No worries! There are lots of ways to maximize even the smallest of spaces, whether it’s your kitchen, a deck, or even the outside wall.

My latest Houzz.com Ideabook showcases 19 different ideas for creating an herb garden in a small kitchen or a tiny space. Now I just have to decide which one to pick!



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