Family Meal | Chicken Pot Pie Fritters, Burger & Fries

I’ve been to Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal in Frederick, Md., a couple of times now, despite my pitiful first attempt last July. Each time I visit my goal is to try something new off the menu.

Except, there’s one thing that I can’t help but order every time.

Chicken Pot Pie Fritters.

Family Meal Chicken Pot Pie Fritters

Think about all the creamy gooey-ness on the inside of a chicken pot pie, rolled up and coated with a light breadcrumb and then flash-fried just enough to get the filling hot on the inside, and the coating crispy on the outside.

They are AH-MAY-zing. In fact, I could eat an entire platter full. All by myself.

Bryan, you nailed this one.

So, I was able to sneak out for lunch today, and landed at Family Meal. I got the Chicken Pot Pie Fritters (shocker), and a burger and fries. Or, to be more specific: A burger with cheddar, caramelized onions and bacon.

Family Meal Cheeseburger
And Duck Fat Fries. Trust me; worth it.

Family Meal French Fries

I still have yet to try a Boozy Milkshake, but that’s on my radar for an after work visit.

What’s your favorite thing to get at Family Meal?


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  1. says

    The fried chicken. Definitely the fried chicken. They brine it in pickle juice before they fry it, and it is amazing. The best fried chicken I’ve had in years, maybe ever.
    Also, I have to make a special comment about the children’s menu. The food is amazing, the portions are excellent (one meal is generally enough for my 3 year old and my 2 year old) and you can’t beat the price. It’s an entree, salad, french fries and fruit salad.
    We also really like the Mac and Cheese, and the Mushroom bisque was really really excellent, although I would have maybe liked a little bit of chili oil in the soup.

  2. says

    The boozy milkshakes are amazing and the fried chicken is hard not to order every time we’re there. I also have a great appreciation for the beer served in the koozies!! Love that place.

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