9 Non-Medicinal Flu Remedies

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Frederick, Md., the flu has been running rampant for over a month. And to make matters worse, there appears to be several different strains floating around – some including stomach-related issues, some not.

I’ve always been kind of “meh” about getting the flu shot. I’ve had the flu once in 20 years, and only had the flu shot one time – in college. Not too bad, right?

This year our 4 year old was the sole family member to get a flu shot, and only because he happened to have a well-visit appointment in October, and the doctor’s office had flu shots in stock.

Our 4 year old also happens to be the only one in our house that has tested positive for the flu this season. Ironic, no? {sigh}




That photo was taken the weekend before Christmas, and his fever didn’t break for another two days after that. Five days total, sick with the flu and fevers averaging 102-103°F. Our 7 year old seemed to get a touch of it too, but not to the extreme he did.

Somehow or another, my husband and I managed to escape that round. But that was then. Hubs just returned from the doctor with a script for Tamiflu, and so it begins again.

I’ve sent hubs to the basement to recover. There’s a futon, and a TV, and a mini-fridge. He and his flu-ish germs will be quite content.

So, with the flu back on my mind, the other day I asked you guys on Facebook, “What’s your favorite non-medicinal flu remedy?” And, here’s what you delivered!


9 Non-Medicinal Flu Remedies

1. Bottle of Jack (Daniels, that is)
2. Miso Soup
3. Garlic – lots of it
4. Coconut Oil in Hot Water
5. Hot Toddy
6. Hot & Sour Soup
7. Chicken Soup
8. Onion (Snopes disagrees, however)

Got any others that aren’t mentioned? Leave them here! Stay well, my friends!


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